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Life is easy today with the combined products of science and technology. The impact of science and technology can be felt in all human endeavors, including the construction industry. If you go to any modern construction site in the world today, you will find heavy construction vehicles and equipment to ease the construction projects of the engineers and field workers.

This is different from what is obtained in construction sites some decades ago that boasts of burden, steam power, traction-engine tractors, steamrollers, steam-powered dredgers, steam excavators, hydraulics, and suchlike. These have been replaced with Hydraulic Mobile Stone Crusher, Self-loading Concrete Mixer, Mini Dumper, Concrete pipe truck, Excavators, and many more.

What is an excavator?

An excavator is heavy construction machinery with components of a boom, dipper, bucket, and a cab used for digging and moving earth, sand, gravel, and others in a construction site.

Are you into construction projects, and do you desire to purchase a mini excavator from a trusted heavy equipment manufacturer? Act Construction Equipment has got you covered as we stand out among other Takeuchi Mini Excavator dealers.

Why are Takeuchi Mini Excavators a great deal?

  1. Global Standard

You can trust any Takeuchi construction equipment for sale because it was built with global standards in mind. It is not enough to manufacture heavy equipment for the sake of it; you must be able to trust the construction equipment to deliver efficient and precise service, just as you want. This is what sets Takeuchi apart, the assurance of delivery and durability.

  1. Innovation

All of Takeuchi US compact construction equipment is a product of innovation. This is an essential value leading heavy manufacturers adopt because they understand that yesterday’s problems are not today’s. Takeuchi strives to keep up with the industry’s demands and tailor their new construction equipment to suit your needs as an end-user. That way, you are sure to be getting value for your money.

Why should you patronize Act Construction Equipment for Takeuchi Mini Excavators?

  1. We are big on customer satisfaction.

You do not want to purchase heavy equipment for your construction projects that will not serve you for a long time. That will amount to bad investment. Not only is the equipment long-lasting, but the customer service you will enjoy is also top tier. You will feel good doing business with us as you’ll enjoy top-notch customer relations before, during, and after purchase.

  1. Flexible Financing Options

It is not a secret that even mini excavators of good quality do not come cheap. Moreover, any equipment that assures you of efficient functionality and durability will stretch your pocket a bit. However, there is a relief when you choose to deal with Act Construction Equipment as there are options to choose from.

  • Takeuchi rentals: if you are entering the industry anew, consider this option where you get to rent any of our mini excavators for a fee.
  • Used Takeuchi equipment for sale: if you have the money, you may buy a used Takeuchi mini excavator, which is as good as a brand new one.

With these options, it is evident that Act Construction Equipment has made life easy. So, why the wait? Rent or buy our equipment:

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