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Top 9 Laundry Tips from Laundry Expert – DML

Laundry is something that many Canadians do daily. Even if you have been doing laundry for decades, there are times that laundry results are less than what you expect. So, what went wrong? Here are six laundry tips to help the best possible results whenever you do a load of laundry.

Spend time: Handwashing

Suppose you plan to hand wash a garment, perhaps because it is delicate and needs special care. Allow all the water to drain out of the basin before you move your loosely knitted garment. Avoid squeezing delicate fabrics in a hurry. They might tear or stretch.

Save time: use short cycles

98% of soil comes out within the first 2 minutes of the wash cycle. So, your clothing needs approximately 6 minutes of laundry time to stay stain-free. Short wash cycles could save time, water, and your dark clothes from fading.

Spend time: wash your clothes in small loads.

Avoid overloading your washer. Besides, you can put more clothes in the washer, but they will not come out clean. Overloading your washer makes it difficult to rinse enough, and the chances are that your clothes won’t be clean. So, ensure clothing is well-distributed around the tub’s washer to ensure the load is balanced during spin cycles.

More laundry tips

laundry tips

Choose the right detergent: Powdered detergents work perfectly general laundry loads and are expensive. Liquid detergents usually contain enzymes and are good for pretreating stubborn stains. Read the ingredient list and choose the liquid detergent with the highest number of enzymes for better results. What about the single-dose packs, tablets, and pods? They’re convenient and easy to use. But check the cost per load if you are on a budget.

Use less detergent: Overdosing detergent creates many suds that could trap soil, allowing it to redeposit in some fabrics. Try to use a lesser amount of detergent than the recommended amount. Your garments will look better and save money.

Address stains quickly: The secret to successful stain removal is to act immediately. Rinse or soak the cloth in cold water, apply the right stain remover, and put it in the washer. If the stain isn’t gone, don’t put the cloth in the dryer. Instead, apply a stain remover and rewash.

Pay special attention to bleeding colors: You don’t want the surprise of a tie-dyed effect on your favorite white shirt. Always sort your garments correctly to ensure colors don’t bleed onto other fabrics. To determine colorfast fabrics before washing, rub a wet cotton swab on a seam or the inner side and find out if the dye transfers to the swab.

Reduce fading: Good clothes are expensive, and fading can make them look worn out quickly. Turn dark-colored clothes inside out before washing to prevent abrasion and wear, which makes clothes appear dull. Preventing early fading means you can use your clothes longer.

Prevent stretching and shrinking: The reasons fabrics stretch and shrink are varied, from fiber content to weave type and how you wash them. To prevent shrinking or stretching, avoid too much agitation, use a cold water setting, and avoid a hot fabrics dryer.

Whenever in doubt, laundry services could be helpful

Doing your own laundry can be time-consuming and exhausting. Besides, some fabrics are delicate and should be handled by an expert who can choose the right detergent and wash method. You don’t need to buy expensive laundry products, no need to worry about washing and folding, and guarantees quality.

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