Dryer Lint

Top 6 Uses of Dryer Lint

Did you know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? That is the best way to describe dryer lint, which shows up after you have done laundry and it’s composed of tiny bits of fabric accumulated from your garments.

You pull the dryer lint from the lint trap in the gas dryer or electric dryer. It generally comes off in layers and strips. The majority of homeowners throw the lint away. Since these minuscule fibers are gathered in the dryer right after washing the garments.

This makes the lint ideal for numerous uses. If you want to reuse the lint, you will want to counter-check the labels of your garments, sheets, and towels. This is to help you know what fibers they are made of. It is good to use the lint that comes from organic fibers like cotton and wool. Here are some of the uses of the dryer.

1.   Make fire starter

Dryer lint is highly flammable stuff. Hence you can use it to make fire starters. Tuck a bunch of lint inside the toilet paper roll, wrap it in a newspaper. Tuck in both ends, and you are set to go. You can make long burning fire starters by implementing simple steps. You will need to get cardboard egg cartons & candle wax apart from the dryer lint.

2.   Make compost

Dryer Lint

Toss the lint on the compost pile. Wait for it to change into free soil for the garden. Do this the dryer lint from natural fibers like linen and cotton. Note that human-made fibers might not break down easily.

Undeniably, you can purchase compost at a garden supply store. But why should you spend money while it’s easier to make the best composite from dryer lint? Whether the garden is outside or inside, the composite will assist all your vegetables to grow.

3.   Use it as pet bedding.

Do you own a guinea pig, gerbil, or pet hamster? Get all the fluff you extract from the lint trap, and then put it in their cage. The pet will be thrilled to have the lint as a bedding substance, and you will not have to buy the beddings.

4.   Use it as stuffing

Dryer lint is a freshly laundered fiber that comes off your garment. So, save some bucks by using it to stuff the throw-pillows and stuffed creatures. You can also use wadded newspaper, old clothes, and dryer lint to make stuffed scarecrows and dummies for Halloween.

5.   Soak up spills

Dryer Lint

If you ever come across motor oil on the garage floor or driveway, and you don’t have a kitty litter around, the dryer lint will come in handy. You can use the lint to soak up the spill.

6.   Make paper

When your children have a playing date, you can use the lint from a dryer to make Papier Mache or paper. Make sure an adult is there to supervise and guide the kids as they play with the lint.

Removing the dryer lint

Collect the lint from the trap after every load of laundry. Note that the dryer vent needs to be cleaned at least twice yearly to reduce fire risk. This also helps in keeping the dryer operating efficiently.

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