Dry Clothes Quickly

How to Dry Clothes Quickly

Are you planning to go on a date or work but all your clothes are wet? Then you will need to dry them fast. Using different techniques to dry clothes quickly will assist you in getting on with your plans. You don’t have to risk wearing damp or soaked garments and in the process of jeopardizing your health. Use this guide to get your soggy and drenched clothes wearable fast.

Tips to dry clothes quickly using a dryer

·        Shake the clothes once you remove them from the washing machine

While it might seem like a hassle, shaking out the clothes as you get them from the washer will help avoid the wrinkles and cut down during the drying time. This way, you can dry clothes quickly.

·        Dry full loads of clothes

If you can, dry full loads of clothes instead of a few pieces at a time. It’s an efficient use of energy and a way to dry clothes quickly.

·        Do not overload the dryer

Even though you want to dry full loads, make sure you don’t overload the dryer. The clothes require room to tumble for quicker drying and decreased wrinkles.

·        Use dryer sheets

A dryer sheet helps to soften clothes, lessen static cling and make them smell good. They are not compulsory, but the lessened static will make folding easy.

·        Select the perfect setting for your clothes

Various materials need different settings. So, you can use high temperatures for heavy fabrics like jeans and towels. Use medium heat for polyester and other synthetic materials. Use lower heat for delicate materials such as lingerie.

·        Do not add wet clothes to a partially dry load

Putting wet clothing to moderately dry load is not wise. It can throw off the moisture detector, leading to under and over-dried clothes.

·        Close the door

Don’t open the dryer door once you start the load. Each time a door is opened, hot air gets out, and this will increase the drying time and dry clothes quickly.

·        Remove dry clothes immediately

Immediately the clothes are dry, remove them from the dryer. Make sure you shake them, hang or fold them to prevent wrinkles.

Tips for drying clothes indoors

Dry Clothes Quickly

·        Avoid overfilling your washer

Squashing a lot of clothes together will leave them damper at the end of the wash. This means they will take a long time to dry. Offer your laundry a perfect spin and some shakes when removing them from the washer. This is to remove excess water and dampness. Interpret the symbols on your clothes before washing since not all materials will withstand many spins.

·        Hang the clothes immediately

Never leave the clothes in the laundry basket or washer since this can make them smell musty and get mold. Don’t dry the clothes in rooms where you spend time, like a bedroom. This is to lessen the risk of dampness and mold. A perfectly mounted drying rank is the best option. It won’t consume floor space, and you can fold it. Also, you can try a retractable clothesline that can be assembled and put away when not drying.

·        Use hangers

Hang those delicate clothes like shirts and camisoles on coat hangers off the drying rack. This will allow more clothes to dry at once and with no crease. Once fully dry, you can arrange them in the wardrobe. Never dry the clothes on radiators. This increases moisture in the air that results in damper conditions where mold grows, posing health issues. It will increase your energy bill because of the upsurge in power consumption.

·        Ensure there is enough ventilation

Ensure all the windows are open and use extractor fans if possible. This will help dry your garments faster and keep excess moisture from every person.  Don’t layer too many clothes in the same spot of the airier since this will affect the drying procedure. Spread the clothes evenly, like an inch apart, and keep turning them after a couple of hours to help dry clothes quickly.

Tips for drying clothes outside

Dry Clothes Quickly

If you want to cut your energy costs, drying your clothes outside instead of using a dryer is the best option. Sunlight is a natural bleaching and sanitizing agent. Additionally, line drying keeps the clothes in a better condition than drying them in a dryer. Another benefit is that the sweet scent of sun-dried clothes is fresh off the clothesline. Here are the tips to dry clothes quickly outside.

  • Avoid freezing

Do not freeze your clothes. This will help you avoid the fibers weakening and making sure the colors are retained.

·        Shade vs. sun

Hang your white fabric in the open sun. Keeping the colored clothes in the shade is essential as it will help keep the colors. Even if you want to dry your clothes quickly, there’s no point exposing them to elements that can make them fade.

·        Boil clothespin

Boiling the clothespin for five minutes and then promptly drying them will make them strong and durable.

·        Keep large clothing by the corner

Blankets and sheets draped in the middle might suffer from wind. Therefore, ensure you leave them on the corners.

Let’s be honest; there are many ways to dry clothes quickly. Implement the tips discussed in this article and you will be able to dry clothes quickly. You can also have your clothes washed at a laundry facility.

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