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Your desire to stand out in professionally dry cleaned clothes no longer means choosing between quality and protecting the environment or putting the health of the people who clean your clothes at risk.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning satisfies your needs and choices. For your convenience, Concierge Service will pick up and deliver your dry cleaning from your home or office in Toronto, Woodbridge, Mississauga, and Brampton. Rest assured, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our laundry and dry cleaning services.

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We DO NOT USE Perchloroethylene

The most commonly used dry cleaning solution is tetrachlorethylene also called perchloroethylene or perc., a chemical widely used for dry cleaning and metal-degreasing.  Many articles have been published on the potential health risks associated with perc.

[see WikipediaVancouver Sun ArticleGlobe and Mail article].  Hopefully you do not live adjacent to a facility using perc., but what about the employees who work in a facility using perc.?  You can make a difference!

Our family chooses Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning.
We hope you will too.

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Dry Cleaner Near

Dry Cleaner Near

Dry Cleaning FAQ offers ECO-FRIENDLY DRY CLEANING pricing service and pick up from your home or business
















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For pick up and delivery service, the average dry cleaning process takes approximately 72 hours. However, cleaning times vary on specialized items, such as:


  • Suede
  • Leather
  • Costumes
  • Bridal gowns (by appointment only)
  • Couture (by appointment only)
  • Drapery (by appointment only)

Yes, dry cleaners really do clean your garments. Some items must be dry cleaned because some fabrics will absorb water and destroy the fibers whereas the dry cleaning process does not. Some dry cleaners use the chemical Perchloroethylene (also known as Perc) to clean garments. This has been known and proven to be harmful and toxic. does NOT  use Perchloroethylene (Perc).

As with ALL cleaning processes, there will be some slow deterioration in the strength and color of the fabric.’s Eco-friendly dry cleaning process gives excellent cleaning, while being gentle on the fabric. Some garments with plastic beads, threads or embellishments may not survive any cleaning process.

Because of the multilayered dry heat exposure to the clothing, the dry cleaning process is very capable of killing most organisms caught in the fabric. Generally, 30 minutes of high heat exposure is the most effective way to kill bacteria and viruses.

Clothing manufacturers place a tag on all new garments, with cleaning instructions. We advise our customers to stick to those guidelines.

There is a possibility that you could cause permanent damage to the fabric if washed instead of dry cleaned. Cashmere and wools could shrink past the point where you can wear it. Some dyes may bleed. We recommend that you follow the clothing manufacturers garment care instructions on the tag affixed to the garment.

If you wear your suit occasionally, you may choose to dry clean your suit as they become soiled or develop an odor.  The more frequently you wear your suit, or if you perspire a lot, you will probably have to dry clean your suit more often. 


After every 3-4 wears, you should consider dry cleaning your suit. Not only does it make your suit look sharp, it protects the fabric and form and extends the life of the garments.

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