Doing your laundry properly is important for maintaining hygiene. However, things are usually not so simple. If you are careless, serious issues can arise. This article might help you out on how to avoid lateral problems. Here are some valuable tips for your laundry.

1. If you get a stain, do not waste any time.

Most stains will remain for good as soon as they get dry. Therefore, you must not waste any time and deal with them immediately. Trying to remove them with your hand or other tools could make things worse. Instead of doing that, you should soak your clothes in water and pour in small amounts of laundry detergent.

2. Some baking soda could help.

Adding some could greatly improve the washing process. Baking soda amplifies the effect of most laundry detergents or powders. It also helps in maintaining strong colors. However, try not to overdo it.

3. Properly sort out your clothes.

Separate your clothes in multiple groups. Do it depending on:

4. Cold water is better.

Washing your clothes with cold water can have at least two good effects: your colors will remain as they should, and you get to save money on electricity.

5. Read more about the tags.

Take some time and learn what each laundering tag means. Some clothes aren’t meant to be washed or ironed, others require a specific temperature, and some need to be cleaned by hand. Never mix them up and carefully follow the tags on the back or sides of your clothing.


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