Toronto Dry Cleaners

Toronto Dry Cleaners

We from take great caution while processing your clothes. We will always work hard to guarantee your satisfaction. The Toronto Dry Cleaners are new, eco-friendly, and well-prepared to satisfy your needs. Our laundry cleaning services go out of their way to please any customers.

All you need to do is schedule a pickup and enjoy your day while we are taking care of the laundry for you. You can simply sit back and relax or maybe work on other urgent activities. Leave the rest to us.

Dry cleaning at its finest

Dry Cleaning Toronto

We have a rule never to use perchloroethylene. This liquid is also called PERC. Different studies show it can have serious risks to the health. The liquid increases the chances of a worker, or even a customer, to obtain some serious illnesses. There is also a risk of skin burn while handling the clothes.

Different countries worldwide and states within the USA are taking action and banning or restricting the use of PERC. Many dry cleaning companies in Toronto are doing the same, and we completely agree. We would never risk the health of our employees or customers. Instead, we are completely eco-friendly, and take extreme caution while working. You can rest assured, such risks do not exist here.

Our services are quick, easy, and with guaranteed satisfaction. Three days are enough for your clothes to get ready. There can be a small delay of up to five days during weekends or civic holidays.

The very best Toronto Dry Cleaners

Our dry cleaning is exceptional and eco-friendly. Among the Toronto dry cleaners, ours are state of state art and prepared for your needs. We operate in a total of four cities across the region – dry cleaning Toronto, dry cleaning Woodbridge, dry cleaning Mississauga, and dry cleaning Brampton.

By being eco-friendly, we can easily satisfy your needs and give you a much wider range of choices. We can clean your shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, blankets, comforters, duvets, sweaters, and more. You name it, and we will do it.

Our services include a pickup / pick off system. You can simply wait until we finish our job and receive your clothes fresh and clean. It does not matter whether you can come here or not. We will take care of both the transport and the dry cleaning.

You can use our website, and schedule a pickup at any time. Be sure to find your clothes’ type and the appropriate price. There are many special promotional offers. Convenience and efficiency are our greatest strengths. Our services include laundry concierge, laundromat, wash and fold, and general laundry services.


Toronto Dry Cleaners

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