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Wish you knew to avoid damaging your Clothes

No one likes it when fabric wears out, colors fade, and hems come undone. To ensure your clothing stays as good as new, implement the following garment care tips from professional cleaners. 

1. Don’t use excess amount detergent

Too much detergent won’t make your clothes and fabrics cleaner. On the contrary, the excess soap will leave your clothes rusty and soapy. Consequently, the washing machine will have to work harder to get rid of the extra detergent. 

When the machine triggers more washing cycles, you’ll be losing out on two fronts: First, if this laundry habit persists, you’ll reduce the appliances’ lifespan due to their wear and tear. Also, the quality of your clothes will decline with time. If your clothes are bright, they’ll become dull, and eventually, you won’t find them attractive to wear. Professional cleaners usually use the recommended amount of detergent to avoid damaging clothes

2. Don’t overwork the dryer sheets 

People tend to overuse things that appear to be efficient in their functioning. For instance, many people use too many dryer sheets by doubling them up. Most professional cleaners unanimously agree that when you go overboard with the dryer sheets, they’ll leave behind residues that, with time, affect the efficiency of the dryer. The residue will clog the lint screen, which prevents adequate air circulation in the machine. 

You might have heard cases where washing machines exploded, causing a house fire. It’s not by chance that such instances occur. In most of these cases, it’s because of overheating due to the lint screen blockage. 

The worst thing here is that you might realize there’s a problem when it’s already too late. But by using the recommended number of dryer sheets, you’ll keep the air circulation system functioning at optimal levels; you can avoid such accidents. Alternatively, send your laundry to professional cleaners. 

3. Don’t stuff too many unbalanced items into the washing machine

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You must balance the items you put in there every time you use your washing machine. Avoid the temptation to pick and throw things inside there randomly. Forcing your washer to operate while it’s not balanced may result in damage to the drum and interior parts. It’s one of the fastest ways professional cleaners say you can contribute towards spoiling your machine. 

Instead, pair up the bulky items and fill the washer to the recommended capacity. For instance, start by collecting towels and washing them by themselves. When you’re done, move to bedsheets and follow that order depending on the items you’re working on. 

Don’t mix towels and bedsheets simply because you want to get done faster with the washing process. If you do so, your bed sheets will over-dry since they’re lighter than towels. Bill Miller, another expert, working at the Whirlpool Corporation Institute of Home Science, advises that you shouldn’t do laundry while in a hurry. “Take your time and pair items depending on their lightness or heaviness,” he says. He also adds that you should always fill the washing machine for the most optimal results. 

4. Filthy water fill hoses

There is a good chance you don’t pay attention to those water fill hoses attached to your machine. What you don’t know is that dirty water and loads of laundry will cause gunk to build up. “Given that the discharge hose isn’t clear, it’s going to be difficult for the greywater to be removed. Consider replacing the hoses if you notice they have become gunky. 

5. Don’t ignore fabric softeners 

You can make your clothes soft using fabric softeners. Experts say that the softeners do more than just getting rid of the static cling or making your clothes smell good. Indeed, they will make the clothes last longer when added to the washer. 

Hair fibers are more like garment fibers and tend to get damaged over time if subjected to continuous rubbing against the other fabrics in the dryer. But if you use a fabric conditioner, which works the same way as an air conditioner, it will minimize friction whether in the dryer or washer. Failure to reduce the friction could make the clothes stretch or fade. 

Professional cleaners could help.

Laundry isn’t an easy task, particularly for busy people. Learn more about our laundry services and contact us whenever you need professional cleaners

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