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How It Works

  1. Download our Laundry App and register.
  2. Select your Student Laundry Plan, choose the day of the week for pickup, and make payment
  3. will provide free laundry bags ahead of your 1st pickup. DML will also send you a calendar invite for your pickup days.
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York University Plans

Silver Gold Platinum
Pay Monthly  $      140.00  $            190.00  $             240.00
Pay  1 Semester (15 Weeks)  $              520.00  $              750.00  $              950.00
Pay 2 Semester (30 Weeks)  $              995.00  $          1,380.00  $          1,775.00
DML Bag of Personal Laundry/week 1 (15 Bags/Sem) 1 (15 Bags/Sem) 2 (30 Bags/Sem)
Bulky Items (blankets, Comforters etc.) 5 Items/semester ($100 Value)   X X
Sweaters and Delicates – Low Heat Dry   X X
Free Laundry Bags X X X
Next Business Day Laundry Return X X X
Seasonal Storage (Up To $80 Credit)   X X
Pay each Semester X X X
Pay in advance 2 Semester (best Value) X X X
Extra Bag of Laundry in excess of Semester Limit- $35 ($45 Value) X X X


Payment Options


Payment Options


Payment Options
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