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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Dry Cleaning Services

Your laundry needs the right cleaning processes to stay clean and in great shape. You can’t afford to make a mistake because it’ll cost you. Some garments have sentimental value, and others are irreplaceable. Some fabrics can withstand traditional washing: detergent, water, and heat. But, “wet cleaning” ruins some materials, which is why you need to use dry cleaning services. Here are seven reasons you should seek the services offered by dry cleaners

1.     Dry cleaners non-abrasive cleaning agents

Traditional washing is convenient but damaging to some fabrics. One round of “wet cleaning” can shrink your clothes or “bleed” them.  Other times, designers use two different materials on one outfit. Sometimes if you use the traditional washing method to clean such clothing it is a disaster.

Your outer fabric shrinks, leaving the inner lining hanging awkwardly. One fabric shrinks while the other doesn’t. It’s unsightly. Why take such risks? Let the professionals take care of your cleaning needs. Most laundry services providers the right dry cleaning machines and implement a well-thought-out dry cleaning process to ensure customer satisfaction. 

2.     Convenience

You don’t need to hurl your carpet into the boot of your car. Professional dry cleaning services providers often offer free pick and drop services. They understand that your time is precious, so they make it easier. You can book online or download the mobile app. Then, you pick times that fit your schedule. Can convenience get any better?

3.     Time-saving

Dry Cleaning Services

Never has any generation been so hard-pressed for time. Do you feel like 24 hours isn’t enough? But, you’re short of time. Use dry cleaning services to ease the pressure. Whether you need wedding gowns other garments cleaned on time, you can have dry cleaning professionals do the job. 

Professional dry cleaners are experienced. You don’t need to sort the different items. You can place one order for cleaning your wedding dress and your Persian rug. Leave it to the experts. They attend to different cleaning needs. Do you need a range of additional items cleaned? Dirty upholstery, curtains, carpets, and duvets, and so on? Don’t fret; dry cleaners ensure effective stain removal, gentle cleaning, and better dry cleaning experience. 

4.     Thorough cleaning

You can decide on traditional washing or dry cleaning. Both are cleaning processes. But, dry cleaning services providers ensure deep cleaning. They use solvents that dissolve grease, oil marks, and other stubborn stains. More importantly, they are careful with the fabric. Your laundry doesn’t suffer wear and tear like with traditional washing. Note that such laundry service providers use the right dry cleaning chemicals and other cleaning products to ensure your window coverings and delicate fabrics are carefully cleaned. 

5.     Preserves clothes

In addition to the gentle cleaning process, dry cleaning preserves fabric. It doesn’t fade as fast as with traditional washing. Regular dry cleaning services can help your clothing maintain that “new look” for longer. 

6.     Appealing finish

Picture the pile of your laundry after your remove it from the washer or the dryer. It is a heap of rumples and wrinkles. Dry cleaning services often ensure fresh, smelling, crisp-looking, clean laundry.

7.     Eco-friendly

In Toronto, professional dry cleaning services don’t use caustic substances. They adhere to regulations set by the Pollution Prevention Program. Even they use fiber and fabric technology that cater to the sensitive needs of hospitals and hotels.

Of course, they must observe specified hygiene standards for such institutions. Because they need to cater to the health of patients or visitors. However, they maintain an environmental consciousness. They use “green” products.

Why Choose Do My Laundry?

At Do My Laundry, we offer a broad range of services such as commercial full-service laundry, corporate laundry, fabric care services, and exemplary customer service and customer service experience. You never have to worry about your cleaning needs. In addition, you don’t want a headache trying home remedies to handle stubborn stains, delicate fabrics, dirty clothes, drink stains, and more. 

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