dry cleaning prices in Toronto

Dry Cleaning Prices in Toronto: What’s the Cost of Dry Cleaning Services?

Dry cleaning clothing isn’t cheap. When it comes to professionally cleaning your business attire, wedding dresses, leather coat, and other delicate fabrics, it takes real professionals and real labour. This is why dry cleaning prices in Toronto are majorly determined by the material of your laundry items and the expected labour costs.

What’s the cost of dry cleaning services in Toronto? 

The cost of dry cleaning services in Toronto also varies depending on whether you want additional services besides standard cleaning services. Dry cleaning companies usually consider various operating costs when determining their dry cleaning pricing. These costs include;

  • The type of dry cleaning solvent used
  • All overhead costs of operating dry facility
  • The cost of acquiring and maintaining the dry cleaning machines
  • Employee labour
  • The local taxes & fees required to dispose of used solvents

Remember, local taxes vary depending on the province, city, and municipality. If local authorities require dry cleaning companies to use eco-friendly solvents or adopt a ‘green’ laundry cleaning process, there’s a chance dry cleaning services costs will increase.

Some dry cleaners provide express laundering services that guarantee cleaned shirts, cleaning of suits, wedding gowns, winter coats, dress shirts, and other garments within a few hours or sometimes the same day. These services cost more compared to other services.

dry cleaning prices in Toronto

Other dry cleaners provide a premium-level laundry service such as a multi-stage cleaning process with hand finishing of garments, hemming-pants shoe repair, and insurance coverage. Such services are very expensive. However, you may want to consider them if you own more expensive and delicate clothing items with delicate fabrics or a delicate garment.

Why consider dry cleaning?

While dry cleaning prices in Toronto can be quite high for some items, it can help maintain your clothing items and keep them in great shape longer, minimizing the number of replacements you will need to purchase. General laundry materials that require dry cleaning are the ones made of materials that heat and water from traditional dryers and washers can damage. Dry cleaning can also remove stains better compared to traditional washing.

Dry cleaning prices by item

Every dry cleaner charges varying prices. This makes it challenging to state the average cost of dry cleaning services in Toronto. For this reason, you may want to get the actual quote from several dry cleaners and compare the costs. Some dry cleaners set services prices with a flat fee per pound no matter the type of garments.

Choose a dry cleaner you can trust

Whether you need wedding gown cleaning, spot cleaning, cleaning for drapery, or a professional to clean your favourite items, always remember not all dry cleaners provide exceptional customer care. The last thing you want is broken shirt buttons after paying hefty cleaning charges for spot cleaning for your golf shirt or child shirt.

If you have a full-length suede or leather coat, leather purse, lightweight jacket, or luxury down jackets, get quotes from reputable dry cleaners who implement excellent clothing care options for such kinds of clothing.  

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